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Places in Fiction

They are the worlds that have captivated our imaginations. When an author builds a place or land for us in writing, it is down to us to make it real. Let's look at 10 of the most incredible locations in literature. For this list, we have kept it 1 entry for each creator to keep it interesting.


- Harry Potter Series

The HP universe may boast the wonders of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, but nothing compares to the school we all wish we had received a letter from: Hogwarts. Filled with friends, knowledge, warmth and, of course, magic, this school was home to our protagonist and we all felt a special fondness for it.
It is where we find some of our favourite fictional characters, Quidditch, great banquets and corridors and stairwells we could explore for all 7 years of our education. And who can deny the beauty of a lit up castle at night?


- Chronicles of Narnia

Narnia has been the first imaginary land for many and can bring back scenes of untouched snow under a soft lanterns to glorious shores beside thriving fields and valleys. Spending your days riding through the mountainous landscapes on important quests and enjoying cosy nights conversing with talking animals - it was easy to fantasise about what an adventure could look like for any reader, but especially children.
Though not an entirely safe land, allies and friends are never far in Narnia and we all would have loved to spend a lifetime exploring it.


Middle Earth
- The Hobbit / LotR

The land that inspired countless fantasy novels that came after its creation, Middle Earth gave its captivated audience the extremity of the terrifying Mount Doom in the Black Lands of of Mordor to the peaceful dewy Hobbit holes in the Shire where we all not-so-secretly would love to live in for a while.
The vastness of Middle Earth is made worthy of the stunning settings it holds. Visiting the elves in Rivendell one day then drinking with the dwarves in Moria the next as you navigate through the labyrinth beneath the Misty Mountains - Middle Earth is perhaps the most admired epic fantasy lands ever to exist.


- Peter Pan

If you needed a clue that Neverland would be a place of imagination, directions to get there give you a good idea: second star to the right and straight on 'til morning. Neverland is home to Peter Pan, the boy who doesn't grow up but can fly circles around a nursery.
Though generally an island, the place is said to be different for every child but there are some incredible staples to explore: the Croc's Grotto, Mermaid Lagoon, the Fairy Glade, and Neverpeak Mountain to name just a few. Home to the Lost Boys, Tinker Bell and a crew pirates who sail on Hook's Jolly Roger, you would never be short an adventure.


-Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Also known as The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Milliways is a 5 star restaurant situated at the end of time and matter. Sound intriguing? Extravagantly decorated, it can be populated by some of the most oddest of guests from around the universe.
Time can work retrospectively here - there's no need to book a table, so long as you remember to do so after you leave. Patrons can dine on some delicious, albeit curious, menu items as they watch the Big Bang in reverse from their seats. For an eatery built on the remains of an eventually ruined planet, it sounds pretty unmissable.


Pemberly House
- Pride and Prejudice

A place has to be fairly impressive if it can make a protagonist suddenly wish to be its Lady at first sight, and that is what Pemberly House did with Elizabeth Bennet through its sheer beauty 'so little counteracter by an awkward taste'.
Home of the renowned Mr Darcy, it stands as a large, handsome stone building which stands on rising ground, surrounded by hills, a stream and other forms of nature which has our protagonist swooning. Said to be neither formal nor falsely adorned, Pemberly symbolically represents Mr Darcy in the narrative and actively changes the initial impression of him. Elizabeth grows to understand his core.


The Chocolate Factory
- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

For most children, and perhaps many adults, chocolate is the most precious substance in the world. And Willy Wonka's factory was the epicentre.
Complete with a Chocolate River, bountiful flavours to sample, and expert chocolatiers to meet - it was a paradise for kids. But even if you care little for chocolate, there is a plethora of out-of-this-world sweets to take your fancy, some with some wicked side-effects. Then there is the owner himself. Say what you want about the infamous boat ride scene, Mr Wonka makes for a uniquely entertaining guide.


- A Song of Ice and Fire

The main setting for the renowned Game of Thrones series, Westeros and its regions have captivated the world in more recent decades through physical landscapes, expansive history and population of memorable characters both within and excluded from the Great Houses. T
hough the plots within the setting may have a more realistic tune to it - politics, family, war and a fight for - it does not take from the majesty of its parts. Everyone has their favourite areas within Westeros. From the Moon Door in The Eyrie to the stink of Flea Bottom - no two places hold the same atmosphere yet demand our attention.


- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Why Wonderland? The clue is in the name - it is a place of pure wonder! Home to some of the most ludicrous characters in literature: the Mad Hatter and March Hare, the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit and, of course, the grinning Cheshire Cat are but a few of the fairy tale-crossed-with-hallucinogetics personalities we can find.
There is true wonder in a land in which the main goal is to not make sense. Logic, laws of nature, reason and reliability are all thrown out the window. To appreciate it, we all need to be a little bit mad yet we all believe we'd fair better than Alice did.


Gotham City
-Batman Comics

Surprised to find Batman's home city on the list? It's important to recognise the special creations in comic books as well and no setting is more recognisable, more engrossing, than Gotham City.
It's grimy, crime-infested streets with thick steam and smog emanating from each direction, in part it is a villain's playground! Yet it has become so much more than that. With each new batch of comics, Gotham has become a symbol of Batman - dark, foreboding and necessary. It is a city that needs its hero yet is as wacky and unpredictable as its crooks. A night exploring Gotham? We want to be brave enough!

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