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Items on a Writer's Desk

A writer's desk should be a haven catered to the personality of the writers themselves. However, there are some staple items that should have a spot in this domain - let's look now!


Writing Stationary

Never be without your ever-important writing tools! You never know when you might need to scribble or draw an idea, so never be stuck scrambling by ensuring you have all you could need: pens, pencils, and a cheeky tip-ex.



A technological Swiss Army Knife, a laptop is a main writing tool: a no-brainer addition to your desk. A healthy WiFi connection and programs make writing and researching a doddle - just make sure you are within reach of a power outlet!



Whether you prefer to write everything old-school or just like to be able to jot down a thought without firing up a laptop, do not disregard the beauty of a notebook. They're also good to carry if you write on the go!



Practical and aesthetically pleasing, a good lamp will help transition from day to night without causing eye strain as it adds character and beauty to your desk. Experts recommend halogen and fluorescent bulbs, but to each their own!



A great way to stay on top of your short and long term writing targets is to have a good planner. Record what you achieve in each session, set milestones and decide next steps. Look over it when you startt, add to it when you finish!


Visualisation Board

A visualisation (development) board should mirror what's in your story brain. Pin up notes of plot points, names, events, depictions of characters or pictures of locations that help to visualise your scenes - anything that will map out your story.


Dictionary & Thesaurus

Even the best writers need a little help sometimes! Sure, you can use their internet counterparts, but having physical copies might be more optimal for you - especially if your internet connection dies and you need a synonym for 'tedious'!



Fact: Plants can improve air quality, stabilise humidity levels, and reduce the SBS symptoms - so get a plant! Even fake plants lift moods and promote productivity whilst adding a splash of colour and appeal to your writing area.



Being hydrated is vital when you want to focus! Have a safe spot for a drink, ideally with a coaster, that won't risk spillage. Concerned your hot drink might get cold as you write? Invest in a mug warmer that keeps beverages toasty!


Books To Inspire

Hit a motivation snag? Reach for a favourite book! Good choices will involve a writing style you relate to, a story with an atmosphere similar to your story, and one that makes you excited to write. Swap in different books periodically.

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