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The Ultimate Horror Trope Master List

Style Choices

Everyone is scared of something, but finding the perfect horror-inducing hook can be a tall order! Fortunately this master list of 100 horror tropes will get the gut trembling in no time!

Top 30 Romance Tropes

Style Choices

Tropes - they make the romance world go round. Find out which ones make the top 30 list!

The Ultimate Romance Trope Master List

Style Choices

Is there such thing as too many romance tropes? Well, probably, but this master list is a hefty start!

How To Write Realistic Dialogue

Style Choices

Let your reader believe each and every word by following this advice on writing realistic dialogue!

Using Regional Speech in Your Story

Style Choices

It's just a quirky style choice. Or is it? Understand the issues with using regional speech in your story and decide for yourself. 

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