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What Exactly Does A Literacy Agent Do?

Getting Published

Deciding whether or not a literary agent would be good for you, you first need to know what they do - so find out!

How To Sell Your Book To A Literary Agent

Getting Published

You want to secure a literary agent? Great! Find out how to sell your book to increase your chances of a solid partnership.

Choosing The Right Literary Agent

Getting Published

Not all literary agents are made equal. Choosing the right ones to approach takes careful consideration.

Writing An Effective Synopsis

Getting Published

The synopsis is a vital part of your book submission to agents and publishers alike, so make sure you get it right!

KDP Select - Is it Right for You?

Getting Published

KDP or KDP Select? Depending on who you are and what you want to sell, the answer can vary. Let's clear the confusion!

The Pros and Cons of KDP

Getting Published

Looking to self-publish but don't know if the leading platform of KDP is for you? Get your answer here!

How to Survive the First Draft

Getting Published

The first draft stage is exhilerating - but terrifying. How to survive your first draft - as told by authors!

The 'Poor Man's Copyright' Lie

Getting Published

Can a sealed, postmarked envelope really stand in for legal copyright? Find out how to protect yourself right here. 

Spotting Fake Writing Competitions

Getting Published

Don't let your hard work fall into dishonest hands. Read the warning signs of fake competitions right here!

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