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7 Tips for Naming Characters


Some writers spend seconds, others spend hours. Here are 7 useful tips for naming your cast of characters!

Generalisation Or Stereotype


Do you know the difference? Encouraging stereotypes may not be your goal, so find out how to avoid doing so here.

How to Avoid the Dreaded Mary Sue


The character with no flaws can be like nails down a chalkboard for writers. Find out how to avoid creating a Mary Sue character and save your story!

From Villain to Ally - How?


A transition that no one expects: the villain transforms into an ally right under the readers nose. Read how to pull it off!

Giving Characters Moral Dilemmas


Realistic characters wrestle with themselves. Let's look at how to give your characters moral dilemmas!

Core Questions To Ask Your Character


Creating a character requires knowing some key information. Can you answer these core questions about your character?

What Are Villain Archetypes?


Do you know your Beast from your Bully? Your Mastermind to your Fanatic? Get the key facts now!

What Descriptions Are Necessary?


Characters without details can fall flat and lifeless, but are you using too many physical descriptions for your characters?

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